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Habit breaking

What is the hardest habit to break that we come across every day? Some say smoking. Drinking. Sleeping. Is it true that too much of something is bad? Of course. Everything is bad without moderation.

But what seems to be the worst habit that people cannot get rid of is: spending. The liquidity of cash and “credit” is too much for most people to handle. We [sometimes] can bear responsibility of maintaining our daily lives, except when it comes to saving. If more banks gave better incentives to save, more people would. Ultimate responsibility lies within each individual person. I truly believe that every person is capable of becoming a millionaire… just stop wasting away those millions today in clothes, eating-out, unnecessary items. Invest in mutual funds, an IRA, open a high-yield online savings account, and create a budget. Just keep the wallet closed when tempted by those nice pair of shoes, I’m sure the ones you have on won’t mind.

An awesome read and link to how Americans waste away their money (2006 more than any other year since the Great Depression):

SaveDay – My Money Blog

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  1. Eddie says:

    Dude, I’m broke. 🙁

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